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It all Began in Beatle Land

I’ve been doing music since I was in the womb. I was named Michelle after Paul McCartney’s part-French ballad, and Joni as in Mitchell akin to Lennon… and raised in a Beatles incubator. My dad is that supercool Lapidos dude who started Beatlefest in 1974 with John Lennon’s person blessing, and my family has been bringing Beatles celebrations all over the country ever since! 


These past few years we've been following the 50-years-later calendar with projects and initiatives and events... which has not only been a business strategy, but honestly, following the energetic path of The Beatles has always seemed like the most straightforward logical way to manifest awesomeness if you ask me. 


Needless to say, over hundred Fests later and a lifetime filled of sing alongs and Beatles stories and Faboratory experiments and dinner conversations about Beatles decorations, every Beatles song is indeed ingrained in my soul, and I couldn’t be more pleased or grateful.

The people in our Beatles community are like family too... and Mark Hudson has been at the heart of it for decades. What started as helping him sell CDs has turned into this massive rainbow you're sitting in right now. And now, here we are. 

I owe it all to the Beatles first and foremost --- not just for the musical inspiration, but for the world of rock n roll legends it's brought me to know, 3 of whom are on this album. 

And... where will you be March 9, 10, 11? maniFest For Beatles Fans in Jersey City with me!!

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