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We are entering a new age, my friends! 


Hi, I’m Michelle Joni, and SWIMMING IN RAINBOWS is the album of my wildest fantasies. And it is dedicated to all eight billion of us on the planet! Hey friends. Sup human family? YO! 


Yeah, ask me my target audience and I’ll tell you there’s not one person (or animal, or cactus plant) that I don’t want this music to reach. Each and every one of us, a wildly evolved life form… was born into this time space era to be here at this moment…. Each here on a mission with divine purpose! Or we simply wouldn’t be here. 


We need all of us to get it together, so that we can actually reach our potential as the Human Race. What an awesome race to be in tho, amirite!?


I’ve met a lottttt of people, and you know what? EVERYBODY IS AWESOME. I’ve never met anyone who isn’t awesome. Everybody is ::magical:: and we are all connected… there are just a few, ahem, energetic blockages to the flow of it in current states of affairs. Honestly: Do you think the same meticulous force of the universe that keeps planets in perfect orbit around stars for billions of years and galaxies twinkling in molecular miracles, everything within it getting exactly what it needs, has given any less groovy orbital miraculous treatment to us as humans (the ultimate creation! if I do say so myself)? Hmmm… or do you think that maybe we got even MORE perfection-potential embedded in us, because we’re extra special and complex!?


Yeah, baby!  


GOOD NEWS: We all have the ability - in this lifetime (in the next decade, actually!) - to achieve a state of perfect flow and synchronicity. Not just at Burning Man! All. The. Time. Everywhere. 


This album was written amidst several spiritual awakenings (can ya tell?) which allowed me to finally connect a lot of dots in my lifetime of seeking, and made me a believer of all the things I’ve always wanted to believe most in the depths of my soul. (hint: ::magic:: is still real, PHEW) And so, it makes sense to me that along with sharing the music, that I share with you what I’ve learned. You download my album, and I’ll tell you everything I downloaded from the universe while recording it! CAPICHE? We are in a time where there is no need for spiritual books to be $ealed - in fact it’s the exact opposite of what we need right now. We need to be sharing everything we think we know so we can figure what we actually know sooner than later.


Not only will I tell, I’ll sing it! I’ve realized that my natural state of absorbing information is immediately thinking of how I can share or teach it in a playful way. Rhymes, activities, a pretty picture perhaps.... I teach preschool to adults, remember? And I’m going to give it away for free as much as possible! Because I want Permanent ::magical:: Culture and I WANT IT NOW. 


Now I don’t want you to feel like I’m ignoring the “problems” we are experiencing in society. Oh yes, let the overwhelming mess of entangled atrocities around communication, financial disparity, the crisis of human resources, planetary health and crushed human spirits everywhere melt deeper into your brain stems… penetrating your psyche to the point of takeover... Oh wait STOP halt no DON’T DO THAT! At least not all the time. We can’t fight anger with more anger. We can’t end pain with different pain ( double ouch). We can't create the future we want by focusing on a past we didn't like. And what you resist persists! In other words, your energy spent resisting a person, an emotion, a conversation, or an ice cream sandwich, will have that thing shooting back at you like a boomerang in some literal or cosmic form, likely both.


This is where we're at rn, and this is why I think the only cure is to change the conversation and focus entirely. 


And the truth is, we are where we are — and we couldn’t have taken any more or less time to get exactly here than we have. You see what I'm saying? It as all come to THIS, right now! And so, here we are, standing thigh high in our own shit, or hips, perhips. But rather than seeing things of the past that got us here as problems…  see them as stepping stones, learning experiences, and juicy bits of information to guide us do it better and get it right eventually. (this one took a whiiiile for me to get, lort almighty. but TRUST!) Remember: The more we fail, the more ways we know that don’t work. 


And despite what it may sometimes seem… we the peeps are doing SO WELL!!! Literally everybody I know is working on a project with the goal being to make the world a better place. We are the smartest we’ve ever been. And we DESIRE it deeply. According to the natural laws of the universe, this means: It’s already ACTUALLY happening! 


We are prone to miss it because we are in a culture that places its focus on the differences between people and the problems that arise within duality… yet when it comes to solving the most complicated-seeming issues….. I am most curious and fascinated by the fact that human beings actually have a lot in common! Like, a LOT a lot. And these things we have in common are filled with expansion potential. They are free. They are inherent within us. And they’re largely a lot of fun. 


For example: We are all artists! If you’re thinking “nope, not I, buster!,” the good news is, (don’t bite my head off) it just means you just haven’t explored that side of you, and you’ve got some funsies in store for your future. There are a million ways to be an artist… Trust me…. You don’t have to be “good” to anybody’s standards (not even your own!) to claim yourself as an artist. We are here in the world living and breathing because of the masterful energy of CREATION that is as intuitive within us as it is in the trees that root into the earth to bloom for generations, and droplets of rain that crystallize in mid air and fall from the sky, only to be reborn again. 


We are all singers. We are all dancers. We’re all painters. We’re writers and thinkers. We’re crafters and we’re crafty. We’re eaters and chefs. We all have bodies that work strikingly similarly. We also used to be younger than we are.. children even. We see, we hear, we smell, we taste, we touch! We orgasm. We all take (and give!) somewhere around 23,000 breaths per day. We all require touch and human connection to have vitality. We all use language to create labels and make sense of things. We’ve all got our handy dandy opposable thumbs. Everybody can connect with nature’s elements. Everybody’s going through something. Everybody’s a skipper! 


(Please note: If any of these don’t apply to you because of a human system operation difference, whether temporary or permanent… that just means you have OTHER superpowers that are even stronger! There’s no reason to ever take offense or feel badly if a generalization is made and you are excluded because of health or ability… please know your balancing superpowers, and if you don’t, talk to me. You’re PERFECT. I have proof.) 


I could go on, and I will, because my point is, your prize for being a human is that you are a creator-being, connected to everyone else here, and creating is your birthright! Your unique art form and way of thinking is NEEDED. I emphasize this because I have spent my entire life trying to solve the creator conundrum. I’ve been endlessly creating art and trying new things, following my yearnings, whims and passions, coming up with ideas and chasing them into existence (or into the ground)… making every mistake possible, failing miserably. often feeling hopeless, terrifyied, lonely, confused, frustrated, humiliated and absolutely helpless. I begged for my sanity to be saved. I got so deeply in touch with that desire for expression and human connection and something more in life that I learned how to believe in the unseen… over and over again. I was shown that I wasn't allowed to give up. I learned that it’s through our pushing, our striving, our trying, our intentions, our believing - that we manifest our reality.


Look at it this way: We humans are the most evolved life forms we know of. Our brains are on FLEEK! Touch your head with all your fingers and just thank your thinker for a minute. Thanks to our super swagger evolutionary status, we my friends, are at the Precipice of Consciousness. This means literally anything you think is the hottest new IT-thought, and totally up for happening. And if you’re hot in the vortex, your thoughts will literally manifest in real time. Welcome to the middle of the vortex. 


And that is the foundation upon which this album exists!

Manifest! Ohhhhh.....