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Mark has always fiercely seen and understood me as an artist like nobody else ever quite did -- at least not so consistently for so many years. 

To have somebody with this connection being the channel linking my music vision to the world is a true blessing.  

Oh the adventures of Marky and Michelle!

It was at my family's Beatlefests decades ago where I met Mark Hudson, the legendary rainbow-bearded producer who made this album possible. Mark has taken me under his wing for many years and has been a mentor, motivator, dear friend and fellow dreamer of infinite dreams.


I honestly don't know where I'd be without Mark Hudson in my life. This man has kept me going with my music more than anyone. He believed in me when if felt like nobody else did, he has scooped me up out from the doldrums and reminded me of the artist I am. He always assured me that nothing would ever stop him from believing in me, and that I'm never allowed to give up on my dreams. 

We’ve always schemed on art projects.... oh the coffee table book drafts!!! Coming... don't worry. 

And to boot... Mark's music production resume is bopping. He has worked with Ringo Starr on 9 albums, wrote smash hits for Aerosmith, created with Cher, helped Harry Nilsson get his vision into the world, channeled Ozzy Osbourne’s insanity into musical form, and most importantly, he produced the album that made me get hot for boys the very first time, HANSON! The first boy band that made me plaster posters my to walls and feel those sweet pubescent tingles and MMMMMMmmmmBop till past bedtime. My pre-teen heart melted when Mark told me he'd be flying out to record with Hanson the very next day after our session ended. Yes, they're still making music and they are still ADORABLE.  


needless to say...

But as I ran and skipped off in a hundred career directions and metaphysical dimensions over the years, my focus was splatter painted everywhere, which was pretty-looking and super fun, but never quite producing the big results I desired. No matter what, I’d always have Uncle Marky in my ear….


FOCUS ON THE MUSIC, JONI! He demanded of me.


MAKE ME AN ALBUM, MARKY! I demanded of him.


And then one day….we willed it into existence.

Mark enabled the supreme gift of his production genius AND booked us nine straight days in his dreamy colorful recording studio shrine in Santa Monica, LOS ANGELES.

And while we were both a little nervous and uncertain about what we were actually doing.... we were SO GLAD we trusted it. We knew it'd be awesome but couldn't have known what we were actually capable of together. The entire session unfolded with beauty, taking our breath away, and showing us the true power our unique rainbow love, cultivated talents, and years of visioning and truth without borders.

I don't have much of a technical musical vocabulary, so it's always been a challenge to relay to producers how I want things to sound. With Mark, I didn't even have to explain. He just knew what I wanted, and beyond, every time.  

               WE DID IT!




        I LOVE YOU MARKY!!!

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