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that's me!

Michelle Joni

this is my bio page.

It's a bit biological. itself is actually pretty much my most recent autobiography!

I created this here website in under 24 hours -- From the moment I GoDaddy'd if was available the night before the release date (hallelujah it somehow was!!)...... until I moment I blasted it out into the world!


But just because I "launched" and sent it out to be consumed by people doesn't mean I'm "finished." HA - I will never be finished! I'll always be making changes to this site - adding things, changing things and deleting things to YES keep the site up to date -- and ALSO to reflect my unstoppable evolutions of self and ideas that come to me on a whim, and to allow for my obsessive tweaker freak compulsions. Also, I like to honor myself as constant Work In Progress.


I do need to give a huge shout out to WIX - this has literally been the best user experience of my life of any web experience ever! I'm giddy over here in Bushwick Public House - an amazing place that's open from your early morning coffee to your late night beverage - finishing up the website of my closet-tech-nerd dreams. I started this website design at my favorite decadent antique living room wonderland bar, The Keep, last night after my very first little Swimming in Rainbows listening party! By the way, why don't more of us bring our laptops to bars and clubs? There are great creative-boosting vibes in so many places, and probably wi fi, so wi not? Don'tchy'all have work to be doing and websites to be building!?? WIX. I'm telling you. WIX WINS AT LIFE. 

So this page is here to describe me in a nutmichelle.


Everything I've ever done in my life has been teaching me and leading me to this very moment, where I would be able to churn out the album of my dreams and the accompanying artwork in under one month, including this website overnight, no problemo.

I love the challenge of writing a bio, which I have written differently for pretty much anybody who's ever needed a bio. And while this page is not exactly "a bio" that anybody in their right mind would use to summarize me for their event, even ATTEMPTING to write a cohesive bio is great way to check in with where I'm at, focus on my proud accomplishments, and stay present to what lights me up most. 

If you haven't had an occasion to write a bio in a little while... I TRUTH AND DARE you to do so now! Truth and Dare is a little thing I just invented just now, and I'm going to sprinkle them all over the website whenever I think of a good one. They'll be little prompts that you can take or leave, and they'll require both truthfulness and being daring. They'll be highlighted in BRIGHT YELLOW and I'll include supporting information in lighter yellow if needed, and any tips or pointers I've got in even lighter yellow. So, like this: 


WRITE A BIO!   Make it either a 1, 2, or 3 paragraph bio - or do them all, in 3 different versions. This way you're pretty prepared the next time someone needs a bio no matter the length! And I do have a sneaking suspicion somebody is going to need your bio for something in the very near future. 

A good guideline for what to include in a bio, summarized in 3 parts is:

-- Mission and Passion

-- Noteworthy past experience

-- Where you're heading and what you want to leave people with about you

Keep in mind... 

- These 3 parts can be in any order, see what feels natural for you. They also might blend and overlap, so be clear, but also roll with it 

- You can write it in either first person or third person, whichever flows better. You can always change it back and forth depending on what is needed.

- I'd also say - you'll probably need to come back to it a few times, let yourself have 3-4 different sessions with it. Don't feel like you have to get it right and smooth all at once! 

- Don't feel like it ever has to be "final" or "perfect" either. People will be feeling an essence emanating from your bio based on your word choices and passion for what you're doing more so than they'll be picking apart what your role actually was at the coffee shop anyway. 

- Sometimes it helps to have a specific reason or occasion or platform to write a bio, and if that's the case.... either A: think of an occasion in your world that you are manifesting to need a bio for. For example: "maybe I'll write the bio that will go with my novel once I write it!" or "I'll write the bio they'll need for the website of that Awesome Local Gallery that I reeeeally want to display my artwork." or B: Your occasion is that Michelle Joni wants to get to know you!


No matter what you choose, when you've reached an "I think I might be done!" moment... you are invited to email me your bio! Yes please... if you love my music, I would looooove to learn about you. Plus I've told you so much about me here, GOSH. Let's even it out a bit!

My email is michelle(at) 

- and it's always open.

About sending me emails:

One of my favorite hobbies is reading emails (and scrolling Instagram) in a big cozy bed all afternoon, so if you write me I'll definitely at the very least see the subject line! I love clever or meaningful subject lines so do your best. If it can be clever AND meaningful, most excellent. As long as you intrigue me ever so slightly with your subject line, I will likely open your email. And I will read it! Until I stop reading it. I'll respond if there is a need to, or if I simply can't help myself but respond. No matter whether I respond or not, the act of you writing to me and me receiving it creates new connected vibes between us, which sparks an intentioMagnetic frequency unique to us, which helps build up our own intentioMagnetic fields, which helps us each to magnetize the desires aligned with our truth, which is what it's all about, yo! I'll also for sure send love and bright energy your way through the ESP (Extra Special Postal service).


Which I'm actually doing write now too! Can you feel it?!? <3 <3 <3 

Michelle Joni

My resu-ME runs deep: 

Starting Michelle Joni's Skipping Club, inventing Preschool Mastermind, hosting dance parties, promoting the Orgasm project, side-hustling Kitty strollers on the internet, being Director of Social Media in a situation that had me visiting and blogging and vlogging hundreds and hundreds of spa treatments around the city and world, being on random tv shows over the years, teaching AlphabetiX, co-stewarding a massive off-grid land project upstate, decorating pineapples, making music videos, throwing Beatlefests around the country with my family since I'm born, dabbling in burlesque and cabaret, nomadding like a baller with seven power-bags on my person, going to a lot of festivals, falling in love with an afro wig, sparking an international hair firestorm and cultural debate, being a princess at kids birthday parties, taking people thrift shopping, scripting the Spineapple and carrying my giant drawing around showing people like a crazy person, getting down with loads of performance art scenes and art collectives in Brooklyn, dancing and singing and doing impromptu power letter games on subway cars, livestreaming, not livesteaming, starting a fashion magazine in college that's still going strong today, drawing maps for tomorrow in bright colored markers and Lisa Frank stickers, participating in New York Fashion Week for eight seasons, investigating ASMR, getting half a degree in Early Childhood Education and a full one in Fashion Merchandising, designing Play Doh purses which lead to finding a Barbie Dream House  on the street, creating spaces at events to cultivate connection and indulgence, starting The NYC Game when I first moved to Manhattan, going to temple, going to church, watching  inspirational videos on the internet, buying a lifetime supply of URLs, working several corporate gigs at luxury online retail businesses, perfecting the art of the selfie, Talking To Myself, interning at like half the magazines at Conde Nast, traveling solo, falling in and out love, seeking purpose, making yoga a priority, recording myself on my iPhone, landing in Michelle's Throni, experiencing the doom of depression and anxiety, overcoming it, finding an amazing therapist, doing Landmark's most intense leadership training, struggling on social media to the point of insanity, making My Fair Retail Come True in an avant garde government agency and thrift store theater haven run by my friends, throwing fundraisers and fashion shows since forever, conducting immersive theater productions, making all the mistakes I could possibly make, being in Wet Hot American Summer....  I could go on, but honestly nothing trumps being in the original Wet Hot American Summer so, see you in macrame! 

anywhere you see a            on this site, it means the picture is clickable and will lead to something relevant on the internet. It might not be totally apparent why it's relevant, but it is! You'll probably figure it out eventually ;)  

one of my core desires in life is to perpetually feel like I'm SWIMMING IN RAINBOWS

lEt's BE


Photo: Desdemona Dalllas

Photos by Mark Sklawer - Mark has taken more photos of me than anybody besides me. Spot his photos by the signature sexy black outline. 

Let's be friends!!!! 

if you need some wardrobe wizardry, personal style help, closet cleansing or a good thrifting day,

email me, gotchu. 

I work on a sliding scale always. 

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