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Root + Base: A Chakr-ing Revelation

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

Turns out we've all been lumping together the first two chakras, trying to ground ourselves with sexual energy! We've got to talk about this.

During the recording I had a major realization about our chakras that really explains why people have been running around with erratic misdirected sexual energy! It's because we're not acknowledging the distinct sensations of our rooting energy as different from sexual energy! In other word, we're associating every bit of pleasure we feel as sex. But it's not! Sex energy is harnessed in the second chakra! The chakra of creation. Do you see where I'm going with this?

In general, we are not being proactive about rooting ourselves by ourselves, and so we're constantly trying to satisfy that grounding through a partner, through sex. So it's been coming out all wrong.

Also what arose is that there's what you might call extra chakra round the back --- your Kundalini, the base of your spine, your A-Hol... or as I’m calling it, your Base. It’s a downward energy. So is your root Chakra in Red... this is that thousand petal lotus falling downward... we must nurture these parts and energies with our hands, which have conveniently evolved to dangle riiiight there. Let’s not be chasing down Sacral creation sexual energy without first grounding with Root & Base! Come hear the music and immerse into the R&B of it... it's very good music for stimulating your Root & Base in grounding magnificence.

Just hold yourself. Let the energy circulate through your firm loving hands. Send the energy through so it circulates, and then instead of letting the energy build up to the second chakra - creating sexual energy, let the energy fall downward, through your Root and Base, find grounding. When you are in this grounded state, you will feel a pure line of energy, a crystalline light, piercing through your spin and all your chakras from base to crown.

More on this to come, and to cum, for sure.

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