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Trash to Treasure Project

Let's turn our trash to treasures, leaving no trace!

As you’ve probably heard, we’ve got a bit of a global garbage crisis on our hands. There’s simply too much of it. Our landfills are FILLED. Plastic straws are getting stuck in fishies noses. And there’s also plenty we can do to make things better. The takeout lunch meals with all their decadent packaging started to pile up; I hadn’t prepared for a zero-waste session where everybody would ideally have their own utensils and refillable vessels.

But ideal can’t always happen, let’s be honest... I've never even considered life that doesn't consume plastic products, because it would just never work with me. So I got curious about the next best thing. And what I found was a whole lotta new ways to reuse items! I came up with some sweet trash-to-treasure ideas to fill our communities with art, rather than our landfills with trash. Jewels, Hot Glue and Duck Tape go a long way, my friends!

Turn Glass bottles into vases..

Turn pizza boxes into consoles for decorative, open-air storage.

Make baubles of things to hang on things! Like the mic stand. Like around Mike's neck.

Straws? Hello… cut them up into “beads” and string them on lanyard or some string and make fun necklaces, that you can pile on! Bracelets, beady-style curtains, public fences.... what else can we repurpose straws for? Because if you ask me, it seems a lot more logical and probable that we would set up factories of straw jewelry necklaces in public parks that we would place a world wise ban on our handy dandy plastic straws.

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