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Updated: Feb 8, 2018

Yes, exactly one week after my album drops and rises.... on Valentine's Day, February 14th, I depart for the adventure of my self-love dreams.

I've been wanting to go to India for years... but as trips to India go, you will know exactly when it's time.


Firstly, this February 2018 is the 50th anniversary of The Beatles heading to Rishikesh to learn Transcendental Meditation, which would soon spark a knowledge of and interest in the landscapes of spirituality throughout the west.

I have been planning an extra special ashram for The Fest this March, and by extra special mean yes twinkling lights and yes cozy cushions and yes fabulous programming... and YES an even extra shinier ME.

Why else is now that time? Let's do a Beatles Reunion trip to India later this year for this big half century later spiritual awakening! I'm going to check out the scene so I can plan something amazing. Who's in!?

Also, Christa Galactica did my rainbow hair job and Galactivation literally on the day she got back from India for a program with a guru at the top of the Galactivation activation chain. So he is somebody I obviously need to meet ASAP.

Also, my Wonderwoman Diana does backpacking tours through in India every year and is there right now, and I'm gonna meet up with her! So we're gonna party, and maybe perform, in Mumbai.... then fly back home together.

So I'm starting the trip in Rishikesh, then flying down to Bengaluru, and then taking an iconic train ride over to Mumbai.

I'm so excited!!! You best believe I'll be all up on that Indiastagram .

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